Quick tips for discernment

Be an active Church member in your local community

Ask those who inspire you what helped them taking their path

Research different possibilities

Contact a vocation director and ask questions

Attend a vocation discernment weekend or a  special event(s)

Be around those who share in seeking God's will

Questions to bring to prayer

What is my background and personal history, gifts and talents

Who has inspired me as a possible model for my own life's work

Am I drawn to consider living as a priest or religious brother

Or am I drawn as a married or single person

Do I trust enough to take a step out in faith and allow God to lead


Understanding who we are

Praying for understanding is essential for living out our life's missions. Once we are able to reflect on the particular circumstances and people God has placed in our lives, we can begin gaining a sense of how we would be most fulfilled in following a guided path.